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Company Info
WeMine Limited

Web: http://wemine.hk

Web Developer Trainee


Job Category:

Programming (Web, Mobile or Social Media)



Employment Type:

Full time



Job Description:

  1. Design, develop, maintain, and support the SaaS web applications and customized units
  2. Contribute to brainstorming workshops in product innovation, participate in other innovative projects and learning opportunities under the group’s investments
  3. Assist other teams on technology questions

Job Requirements:

Personal Quality and Character:
1.            High integrity and work ethics
2.            Open to admit failure and improve
3.            Outgoing; willing to share ideas and thoughts
4.            Hungry for challenges and achievements
5.            Eager to learn
6.            Attentive to details
7.            Passionate in perfecting user experience and exploring applications for the latest technologies
Skills Required:
1.            Basic principles of the Object Oriented Programming
a.            Abstraction
b.            Inheritance
c.             Encapsulation
d.            Polymorphism
2.            Web Technologies
a.            Javascript, HTML and CSS
b.            Http (e.g. verb, status code)
c.             At least one of PHP, golang, Java, C# or Python
3.            Database Management System
a.            SQL
b.            Experience of common database systems (e.g. MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL)
Skills Preferred:
1.            Algorithm
a.            Common algorithms (e.g. quick sort, binary search)
b.            Classification (e.g. order of complexity, Big O Notation)
2.            Web Technologies
a.            React, Vue
b.            SSL
c.             Php (Lumen, Laravel)
d.            Golang (gorm, gin)

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